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Here is an opportunity to order your book!

11 fiery women have come together to create this compilation book and devotional. Not only do they speak about faith in God, but share their personal stories of tests, trials, and triumphs to encourage, uplift, and inspire young women.


Ethnic Perspective's mission is to lead young Latina women into greatness by renewing their minds, empowering through mentorship, equipped with the knowledge, and inspiring them to pave a new path for the next generation. Although the ministry was birthed based on a need within the Latin community we are committed to helping all women regardless of ethnicity and backgrounds.


Rise Up to Greatness Reflective Workbook


In the companion workbook, our goal is to help you in the reflection process. Ask yourself some of the questions that are provided as well as ask yourself the questions that are necessary for your next level. The best way to use this workbook is during a time of quiet, void of life’s noises and with a pen in hand. Don’t be afraid to go there, to release, and most importantly, rise.

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